About Robinett Construction

Robinett Construction has been in business since 1986.  Owners Sam and Rhonda Robinett offer experience in both home design and construction. Working together, they provide unique ideas to individual projects.   Couples find it very easy to work with Sam and Rhonda and enjoy the different perspectives they have to offer during the home building or remodeling process.

Rhonda Robinett is the Home Designer and has a degree in Design from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Rhonda works closely with the client to create dream homes, remodel existing space, and/or design additions. A lot of time is spent with customers up front to plan as many details as possible. Rhonda can take a client’s idea and design a home within a specified budget, or she can go into an existing home and work with customers to visualize the possibilities for a new kitchen, master bedroom, or master bath.

The construction team is led by Sam, who oversees every detail of each projects from pouring the foundation to framing to finishing.   The strength of any building begins with a solid foundation; therefore Robinett Construction has it’s own in-house foundation crew.  Robinett Construction also prepares a detailed cost estimate of any project prior to construction.

Robinett Construction has a large group of talented employees skilled in carpentry, remodeling, and concrete work.  Robinett’s construction employees’ skills are expertly matched to the needs of each project.  Sam matches his employees’ skills to meet the needs of each project to ensure that the best workmanship goes into the new home, business, or remodeling project.


The transformation was amazing. I don't know how we could have done it without Robinett Construction.

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